sábado, 28 de julio de 2007

My Family Tree

My Family Tree
I live with my parents, and my little brother, and sister.
My Mom is working in an Human Resourser Company, and my dad is in Anzoategui working, he's a mechanical engineer.
My brother is 14 years old and hes in high school in 9th grade, he loves to play soccer and watch tv, and my little sister is 9 years old and she is in 3th grade, she likes to dance and sing, she is very smart.
My mom is a very inteligent women, she is vey sweet and she loves us a lot!
My Dad is a fun men, he loves to spend time in home with us, and he loves to cook and watch tv.

My favorite

I like all kind of music, my favorite group, is a spanish group called "Stravaganzza". I don't like the "vallenatos".
My favorite movie, is 'The good girl"is a drama with Jennifer aniston, and i love her acting, and i love the history. My favorite animate movie, is Sherk, its so much fun!.
I don't watch soup operas, and my favorite cartoon is The simpson : ).
My favorite Series, is Friends, Prison Break, Grey's Anatomy and Supernatural.
My Favorite actress is Jennifer Aniston, and my favorite actor is Wenworth Miller.

My favorite Series

My favorite comedie series is Friends.

It's an american tv series created by Marta Kauffman y David Crane., and it's about the life of group of young americans, that lived in New York, and what to have fun and lived their life.

The series, ends in 2004 after 10 seasons, and was the best comedy and most popular in the Unated State.

I love that series because its very funny, its very good.. i just love that.

lunes, 11 de junio de 2007

How much

Entretainmet 10%
Caps 35%
Food 35%
Shoooling 20%

I spent most of my money on food and caps
I spent less of my money on Entretainment
I spent as much money on caps as on food

My day


Mari: Wow! Cecilia look at those shoes. They’re beautiful.
Ceci: which shoes?Mari: the blue ones.
Ceci: they are beautiful. Let’s go ask how much do they cost.
Mari: miss. How much are those shoes?
Pao: which ones? The brown ones?
Ceci: no, the blue ones.
Pao: those shoes are eighty dollars.Mari: but are they on sale?Pao: yes, they actually cost on hundred dollars.
Mari: let me ask first. I’m going to call
Carlos.Mari: hello, Carlos. Can y buy some shoes that are on sale?
Carlos: on sale? How much do they cost?
Mari: eighty bucks.Carlos: they are way too expensive, forget it.
Mari: I hate you!!!
Pao: are you buying the shoes or not?
Mari: yes, I am.